[cfe-dev] no capture

John McCall rjmccall at apple.com
Thu Jul 15 11:46:06 PDT 2010

On Jul 15, 2010, at 10:09 AM, shreyas krishnan wrote:
> Thanks Anton..
> Can I enforce this from C source ?
> __attribute__(( nocaptue )) gets ignored by clang.
> My goal is I would like some of the parameters to be directly passed
> as arguments instead of through the stack. Is there a source level way
> to do it ?

Do you mean that you want something to be passed in registers rather than
on the stack, or do you mean that you have a parameter of struct type which
is being passed indirectly via the stack?  The former can sometimes be
overridden by using a different calling convention.  The latter is basically
set in stone; you'll need code changes to make it happen if it's important.

We'll need to know what platform you're on and see a code sample
to give you more concrete advice.


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