[cfe-dev] Is Expr::Classification gone in the latest version of SVN code

Sebastian Redl sebastian.redl at getdesigned.at
Tue Jul 13 17:02:42 PDT 2010

On Tue, 13 Jul 2010 15:09:52 -0700, Yang Ye <yeyangever at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>From the clang.llvm.org/doxygen, we can found a subclass
> "Classification" in "Expr" class, and a function "Classify" which
> classifies each expression to corresponding type. However, this can
> not be found in the latest version of the SVN code, has it gone or has
> it been substituted by some stuff else where?

It's alive and happy. Check your svn status to see if you have a locally
modified version.


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