[cfe-dev] Checking that a template-parameter is not used in its own default argument

Mark Greve markgreve at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 05:59:53 PST 2010


I am trying to get into development on clang, and I thought I would try 
to fix a bug initially. I have written some code that partially 
implements the check in Sema/SemaTemplate.cpp in the function 
ActOnTypeParameterDefault to check that a template-parameter is not used 
in its own default argument.

Anyway my problem is this test case:

typedef int T;

template <typename T = T> struct X {
    T x;

int main() {
    X<> foo;
    foo.x = 5;

g++-4.3.3 compiles this without a hitch, but clang fails with:

test.cc:9:8: error: incompatible type assigning 'int', expected 
        foo.x = 5;

and if I remove foo.x = 5;, clang crashes with clang: 
ASTContext.cpp:593: std::pair<long unsigned int, unsigned int> 
clang::ASTContext::getTypeInfo(const clang::Type*): Assertion `false && 
"Should not see dependent types"' failed.

In other words g++ thinks that the default argument to the 
template-parameter is the typedef and clang thinks it is the 
template-parameter itself. I'm not sure which is the right 
interpretation, but I'm guessing that g++ is correct here.

Should I file a bug report with this test case? Also, I would like to 
know whether it is reasonable that I continue working on implementing 
the check on the default argument. If not I'll try to find something 
easier to work on.

Mark Greve

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