[cfe-dev] small leak?

Cristian Draghici cristian.draghici at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 06:37:42 PST 2010

In a call from clang::driver::toolchains::Darwin::TranslateArgs:

DerivedArgList *Darwin::TranslateArgs(InputArgList &Args, const char
*BoundArch) const {
} else { const Option *O =
Opts.getOption(options::OPT_mmacosx_version_min_EQ); OSXVersion =
DAL->MakeJoinedArg(0, O, MacosxVersionMin); DAL->append(OSXVersion); // this
call here does save a reference to the Arg *, but delete is not called on it

MakeJoinedArg returns a new JoinedArg and it looks like no-one deletes it.
valgrind reports the JoinedArg reference as lost, but I was unable to
confirm with leaks.

I'm not sure who is supposed to delete the reference, i.e. DerivedArgList
itself or the caller of MakeJoinedArg.

Should I report this in bugzilla?

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