[cfe-dev] Ubuntu install location fixes

Riccardo Magliocchetti riccardo.magliocchetti at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 06:18:36 PST 2010

Hello again :)

Gonsolo ha scritto:
>> Since next stable debian will be released with 4.4 i think that the
>> comment should say squeeze. Then could you please diff the four patches
>> in one for easier review / test?
> I donẗ know about Debian, I just did what you suggested. Can you provide 
> a patch?

I just meant to rename "Sid" to "squeeze". Anyway not a big issue, we can remove the 
debian Sid entry and remove the ubuntu 8.10 entry which is wrong. Ubuntu 8.10 path is the 
same as 9.04 and debian squeeze / sid for now are the same as 9.10. So attached you can 
find a patch that consolidates the ubuntu paths.

Since this can lead to some confusion to non debian / ubuntu users we have to make some 
premises: first we have a link from /usr/include/c++/x.y to /usr/include/c++/x.y.z, then 
x.y.z may vary during debian testing and unstable development.

> I use git for developing which automatically generates my patches. Isn't 
> it easier to review with modular patches?

You move then delete the same hunk of code in two different patches, that's difficult to 
follow for me.


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