[cfe-dev] [LLVMdev] Reminder: 2.7 code freeze in 1.5 weeks

Maurice Gittens mainmanmauricio at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 03:14:44 PST 2010

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 9:30 AM, Holger Schurig <holgerschurig at gmail.com>wrote:

> > Clang C++ only gets one big coming-out party (ever); a little
> > more time will make a big difference.
> Hmm, wouldn't that speak against jamming this into 2.7 ?  Let 2.7
> go out and don't bark at it's C++ status. That gives you a full
> release-cycle to get C++ into some *REALLY* good state. For
> example, a state where you can not just say "Oh, Firefox doesn't
> crash anymore", but where are benchmarks for compilation time,
> compilation memory consumption and execution speeds exists.
> So, if there's only one coming-out party, make it a real party,
> not some "me too" event!   :-)
I may have misunderstood, but I figured that Doug is suggesting to
get known issues fixed so that clang++ might be ready for
broader testing.
More test coverage will shake out a lot of the remaining issues
at a quicker rate.

If the community contributes by increasing the test coverage
for clang++ then the core clang team could concentrate on fixing the
real the community would report.

I think Doug is suggesting that a bit more time will enable more
community participation in shaking out remaining issues during
the next cycle.

Would clang++ not be ready sooner in this way?

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