[cfe-dev] Errors occurred when building regression tests.

kalyan ponnala ponnala.kalyan at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 17:14:31 PST 2010


I have been trying to run the regression tests on the llvm/clang based
solution file created by the cmake using visual studio 2008. The ALLBUILD
was successful but the "clang-test" inside this solution was giving these
errors and it fails to build.

2>FAIL: Clang :: CodeGen/attr-noinline.c (368 of 2004)
2>******************** TEST 'Clang :: CodeGen/attr-noinline.c' FAILED

2>FAIL: Clang :: CodeGen/attr-used.c (369 of 2004)
2>******************** TEST 'Clang :: CodeGen/attr-used.c' FAILED

2>  Expected Passes    : 1702
2>  Expected Failures  : 18
2>  Unexpected Failures: 284
2>lit.py: lit.cfg:124: note: using clang:
2>Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Running Clang
regression tests"
2>Build log was saved at
2>clang-test - 7 error(s), 54 warning(s)
========== Build: 1 succeeded, 1 failed, 51 up-to-date, 0 skipped ==========

Can anyone tell me anything about these errors and If I have to add any
libraries to this solution or add anything.
Kalyan Ponnala
phone: 8163772059
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