[cfe-dev] Missing NNS qualification in ElaboratedType.

Enea Zaffanella zaffanella at cs.unipr.it
Thu Apr 22 01:34:48 PDT 2010


In the generated AST for the following program fragment:
namespace N {
   struct S {};

N::S s1;
struct N::S s2;

the global variable 's1' has QualifiedNameType (as expected).
In contrast, the global variable 's2' has ElaboratedType (good, so far) 
that contains a plain CXXRecordType (bad, the NNS qualification is missing).

The attached simple patch fixes this problem by making sure that the 
ElaboratedType will contain a QualifiedNameType. The patch also changes 
the expected output of a single test, since the generated diagnostic now 
contains a NNS qualification.

Enea Zaffanella.
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