[cfe-dev] Memory consumption measurement results, for revision 100620

ihusar ihusar at fit.vutbr.cz
Tue Apr 13 04:49:28 PDT 2010

> On Apr 2, 2010, at 6:24 AM, ihusar wrote:
>> Hello,
>>   I made some tests for the latest revision 100183
>> and the memory consumption has gotten even higher compared to revision
>> 99809.
>> For the same 12MB file:
>> clang (no args): 5GB
>> clang -O0 -g0: 5GB
>> clang -O0 -g: 6.3GB, stopped after 33 minutes
>> opt --disable-output: 3.7 GB
>> opt -O3 --disable-output: 3.9 GB
>> Details can be found here:
>> http://lissom.aps-brno.cz/tmp/clang_rev100183.xls
>> and http://lissom.aps-brno.cz/tmp/clang_rev99809.xls
> Please try again post r100261, it should substantially improve the 1.3G  
> of bloat going from -g0 -> -g.
> -Chris


   so I bought some memory, so my computer has 8 GB now and results for a  
quite recent revision 100620
are as follows:

clang -g0 -O0: 5 GB
clang -g1 -O0: 7.6 GB  (for previous results for revision 100183, the test  
was stopped before it ended)
clang -g3 -O0: 7.6 GB

opt --disable-output: 3.8 GB (for file generated with clang -g3)

gcc -g0 -O0: 1.4 GB (object file for x86 was also generated)
gcc -g1 -O0: 1.4 GB
gcc -g3 -O0: 2.0 GB

The memory consumption for large files is much higher than in gcc.
The only serious problem for standard usage I can imagine right now, is  
when "make" tool runs
multiple instances of clang in parallel. Also, for large generated files  
would be the compilation
on standard computer unbearably slow because of swapping, or on a 32-bit  
machine impossible
because of insufficient address space.

Again, details are here:
and http://lissom.aps-brno.cz/tmp/clang_rev99809.xls.

Best regards,

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