[cfe-dev] [PATCH] options -ffunction-sections and -fdata-sections

Sylvere Teissier st at invia.fr
Thu Apr 8 01:43:09 PDT 2010

Chris Lattner a écrit :
> On Apr 7, 2010, at 3:25 PM, Sylvere Teissier wrote:
> Hi Sylvere,
> I agree that they can't be happen with linkonce linkage... but this
> should be handled in the backend, not in the frontend.
>  TargetLoweringObjectFileELF::SelectSectionForGlobal is in charge of
> picking the section to use of a global, can you put this logic there?
> -Chris

Hi Chris,

Perhaps I don't understand correctly your remark but that's what this
patch does: The function
TargetLoweringObjectFileELF::SelectSectionForGlobal is modified.

There are 2 patchs: 1 for llvm tree and 1 for clang tree.

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