[cfe-dev] Patch to make CXXScopeSpecs invalid when they refer to incomplete classes

Douglas Gregor dgregor at apple.com
Mon Apr 5 07:09:50 PDT 2010

Hi Jeffrey,

On Apr 5, 2010, at 1:19 AM, Jeffrey Yasskin wrote:

> I have a patch at http://codereview.appspot.com/890041 which has
> Sema::RequireCompleteDeclContext(CXXScopeSpec &SS) mark SS as invalid
> when it refers to an incomplete type. It's pretty ugly because it
> makes lots of parameters non-const, and it breaks one test in way I'm
> not sure how to fix, but it also removes several redundant errors.
> Is this the right approach to avoid diagnosing "invalid_type::foo"
> multiple times? If so, I'll track down the temp.explicit/p3.cpp
> failure and mail the working patch. Otherwise, what's the better way
> to fix it?

Yes, this is the right approach to avoid multiply diagnostics when the nested-name-specifier has an incomplete type. Thanks for working on this!

	- Doug

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