[cfe-dev] View graph while debugging code on windows

章磊 ioripolo at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 01:14:17 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I've been study clang for a while, and i found it's great to view some graph
(while debugging code).
Usually i use gdb under emacs and call GRExprEngine::ViewGraph(false) when i
need to see where the analysis goes.

But i found it's faster for me to debug clang in VS, because i can see
"locals" much quickly and clearly.

Here comes the problems:

First, can i make the "-analyzer-viz-egraph-graphviz" or something like this
happen on windows? If so, how?

Second, is there anything like "gdb call" in VS Debugging? Further, can i
make GRExprEngine::ViewGraph(false) happen while debugging clang in VS?

I'll also appreciate it if there are any advice about debugging with gdb.


Best regards!

Lei Zhang
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