[cfe-dev] mmintrin-test.c patch

John Thompson john.thompson.jtsoftware at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 11:54:46 PDT 2009

I've enclosed an attempt at making the CodeGen/mmintrin-test.c file generic,
as it was failing on Windows because the Visual Studio headers don't want to
compile for other platforms (specified by the triples).

I also converted it to use FileCheck, but I'm not sure if doing the grep
with count was what is really needed.  Can you do that with FileCheck?
Also, please review my previous post concerning address-space-field1.c, as I
want to get down the proper way to convert to FileCheck.  I'm thinking
perhaps I should have limited it to just looking for the addrspace(1)
and addrspace(2) text, but let me know.


John Thompson
John.Thompson.JTSoftware at gmail.com
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