[cfe-dev] Targets.cpp enhancement for x86, Triple enhancement

Eric Christopher echristo at apple.com
Tue Sep 15 10:44:53 PDT 2009

On Sep 15, 2009, at 6:46 AM, John Thompson wrote:

> I extended the Triple class, supporting more explicitly the optional
> environment field, adding an EnvironmentType enum for that with an
> item for Visual Studio (-vc), and adding a Win64 OSType.  There are
> probably more environments that can be added to the EnvironmentType
> enum.
> Changed the default triples from cmake to be i686-pc-win32-vc and if
> 64-bit is enabled, x86_64-pc-win64-vc.

You may have mentioned this before, but why do we need a "visual  
studio" enhancement type?


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