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Hi Daniel,
On Sep 14, 2009, at 11:48 PM, dan chap wrote:

At present I can do most of this by simply refering to the type assigned to the declaration but I am effectively building my own index rather than simply "findreferences" from the indexer library.

Is this functionality already in the indexer library and I am extremely dense? :)

This functionality is not yet in the indexer library; it's on my todo list but no ETA tough :)


LOL... Thanks Argiris.... I was pulling my hair out trying to divine if it was and that I was in fact incredibly dense.    

The whole Clang layered library approach is absolute genius.  Kudos.  In two weeks, from initial download, to now, I have a better understanding of how Clang works than 5 years of digging in a certain other compiler's internals....    I was a big proponent of an xml output project for that compiler and yet with Clang, in the past two weeks, I have produced more detailed information than I was ever able to with that other project. Yay!

As for tracking types.... What I am going to do is:

Let the indexer find all typedefs, classes, etc... which does produce output in the index-test --find-decls command....    (reminder... I wanted --find-refs to work for types)

Let the indexer find all variables and functions
     for each entity 
         get the QualType of the declaration
             add the entity to the reference map of the given type

The only other issue would be a full AST walk looking for casts. 

Thanks again and I will post my results soon.


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