[cfe-dev] Indexer Library and type references....

dan chap dchapiesky at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 14 13:48:21 PDT 2009


I have a question about the indexer library and the index-test code....

Given code such as:

typedef int myType;

myType var1;

myType func1(myType *parm1)
   return *parm1 / var1;

The indexer utility will correctly show references to parm1 within func1.

What I am interested in is providing the source location for "myType" on the initial typedef statement and then extracting all the references to myType such as var1,  the function return type and parm1 type, as well as cast expression references...

At present I can do most of this by simply refering to the type assigned to the declaration but I am effectively building my own index rather than simply "findreferences" from the indexer library.

Is this functionality already in the indexer library and I am extremely dense? :)

Also, can someone explain the subtle differences between a Source Location and an Instantiation Location as in:
SourceLocation Loc = D->getLocation();
Loc = SM->getInstantiationLoc(Loc);

Daniel Chapiesky

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