[cfe-dev] RFC: Integrating clang-cc functionality into clang (the driver)

Douglas Gregor dgregor at apple.com
Mon Dec 7 10:47:14 PST 2009

On Dec 7, 2009, at 9:30 AM, Daniel Dunbar wrote:

> On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 4:47 AM, Sebastian Redl
> <sebastian.redl at getdesigned.at> wrote:
>> Daniel Dunbar wrote:
>>> Hello again,
>>> This is (the disruptive part of) what is going to happen:
>>>  1. clang will get the -cc1 mode, which will be equivalent to calling
>>> clang-cc, and clang will recursively invoke itself (for now). clang
>>> link will become very slow. :/
>>>  2. All the tests are going to be rewritten to use 'clang -cc1'
>>> instead of 'clang-cc'.
>>>  3. clang-cc will be removed.
>> This would be less disruptive if clang-cc became a symlink to clang, and
>> being called as clang-cc would make it assume -cc1.
> That is true, but I don't see why we would want to maintain clang-cc,
> its just extra gunk in the build system and extra complexity for the
> user. I'll do it if out-voted though.

I'd rather just kill clang-cc outright. It's much cleaner from the user's perspective to have a single "clang" that does everything. 

Of course, those of us who *work* on Clang will have to retrain our fingers not to use clang-cc :)

	- Doug

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