[cfe-dev] Forking Clang

Martin Doucha next_ghost at quick.cz
Fri Sep 12 14:50:30 PDT 2008

I'm going to fork Clang to make a teaching toy. I've decided to fork 
because nobody should ever want the features I have in mind in a 
production grade compiler (at least nobody sane) and they mostly apply 
only to C99 (support for other C based languages would be either way too 
complicated or outright impossible).

The goal of my project is to create a tool which would allow using C99 
as the first programming language for complete beginners and force them 
to adopt some coding style in the process, mostly by nagging them about 
anything that even remotely looks like beginner mistake.

I prefer to use GPLv2 for my extensions but if you like some of my code, 
just let me know and I'll relicense it to University of Illinois Open 
Source License. I'll also appreciate any hint how to improve my code or 
criticism how badly I abuse Clang code. The project will be hosted at 
repo.or.cz in a few days.

Martin Doucha

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