[cfe-dev] Small change to ObjC builtin type definition

Jean-Daniel Dupas devlists at shadowlab.org
Tue Sep 9 00:23:34 PDT 2008

Le 9 sept. 08 à 02:23, David Chisnall a écrit :

> On 8 Sep 2008, at 18:30, Daniel Dunbar wrote:
>> This causes several failure in the test suite
>> (Parser/objc-forcollection-*) if I apply. Can
>> you investigate?
> I see.  The problem was that now the new id type is being used, but  
> ASTContext doesn't recognise it as the ObjC type.  I've tweaked it  
> to set it in ASTContext and removed the assert()s here that check it  
> isn't already set.  Note that this will now leak, but I'm not sure  
> what the best way of fixing this is (can we safely delete the old  
> version?  Should we lazily create them somewhere if they're  
> referenced before first use (and if so where)?).
> The attached version passes all of the tests that it was passing  
> before the patch.

I not aware of any objc file that does not include at least an header  
with the definition of the objc runtime base types (id, SEL, BOOL, …).
Why where these types hard-coded in clang first ?

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