[cfe-dev] General questions

John Graley jgraley at bigfoot.com
Mon Sep 1 12:15:26 PDT 2008

Hi there

I just have some general questions about the Clang project and its direction:

- What's your relationship to the LLVM project at present? You appear to use 
llvm code, but only as general helper libraries (like STL and Boost) as far 
as I can see. Certainly, your intermediate representations seem to be your 
own, making Clang independent in theory, if not practice. There's no mention 
of Clang on the LLVM website - instead they say they're using a modified GCC 
(even though they're a BSD licensed project).

- There are lots of target applications for Clang including automated 
refactoring, static analysis and as a compiler front end. What are your 
priorities? There's lots going on in the lists - where is most of this work 
leading? Is objective-C considered more important than C++, for example?

- Is the source in the "brose source" up-to-date or is it some way behind the 
bleeding edge in subversion?

Thanks, John

John Graley
Cambridge, UK
Tel: 07976 892045

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