[cfe-dev] Implementation of mode attribute

Nuno Lopes nunoplopes at sapo.pt
Wed May 21 12:46:26 PDT 2008

You have a typo in a comment :P

+/// HandleAddressSpaceTypeAttribute - Process a mode attribute on the
+/// specified type.
+QualType Sema::HandleModeTypeAttribute(QualType Type,
+                                       AttributeList *Attr) {

Also these aren't supported in the switch() to look for the RetTy (not sure 
if it was by distraction or if they are really unsupported..).

+    if (!memcmp(Str, "XF", 2)) { DestWidth = 96; IntegerMode = false; 
break; }
+    if (!memcmp(Str, "TF", 2)) { DestWidth = 128; IntegerMode = false; 
break; }


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Subject: [cfe-dev] Implementation of mode attribute

> Per subject, implementation of the gcc mode attribute (e.g. int x
> __attribute__((mode(HI)));).  Most significant usage is in the glibc
> headers to implement intN_t and friends (PR2204).
> The implementation is pretty straightforward: it modifies the type of
> the declaration to correspond to the type corresponding to the
> specified mode.  Currently, the mappings are hardcoded, and only
> completely correct for X86.  We should probably add some way to get
> integers/floats of specific widths from the ASTContext.
> There's also a way to use the mode attribute to specify vectors, but
> per gcc it's deprecated, and there aren't any headers on my system
> using it.  If we do end up needing it, it's should be easy to add.
> One bug that's kind of out of the scope of this patch: we're currently
> processing attributes in the wrong order.  For example, take the
> following declaration:
> float x __attribute((mode(DF),vector_size(16)));
> This should declare a variable with the LLVM type <2 x double> (a
> vector of size 16 with DFMode elements), but that doesn't work with
> this patch because we process the vector_size attribute first.  I
> haven't actually seen any code which does this, though, so I won't
> worry about it for the moment.
> -Eli 

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