[cfe-dev] __builtin_nan support

Nate Begeman natebegeman at mac.com
Mon May 19 11:02:45 PDT 2008

Attached patch implements __builtin_nan, __builtin_nanf, and  
__builtin_nanl.  When given a string literal as an argument, the  
expression becomes an FP literal that is a quiet NaN with the  
appropriate significand.  When the argument is not a string literal,  
we let the code for  handling builtin math library functions just turn  
the builtin into a call to the appropriate libm nan()/nanf()/nanl()  
call, which performs the same conversion.  This behavior is similar to  
GCC, although I believe GCC's __builtin_nan does not call nan() if the  
argument is not a string literal.

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