[cfe-dev] [PATCH]: C++ decl classes for the AST

Argiris Kirtzidis akyrtzi at gmail.com
Fri May 16 15:47:00 PDT 2008


The attached patch introduces new Decl subclasses that accomodate C++ 
class members (there are changes only to the AST library):

-'CXXRecordDecl' (inherits from RecordDecl) is for C++ 
struct/union/classes that are not simple C structs (i.e. they contain 
methods, nested types etc.)
-'ClassMember' serves as a base class for members of a CXXRecord. It 
provides the access specifier and the parent CXXRecord. Decls that 
inherit ClassMember:
    CXXField - for instance fields (inherits FieldDecl)
    CXXMethod - for static and instance methods (inherits FunctionDecl)
    NestedTypedef - for nested typedefs (inherits TypedefDecl)
    NestedRecordDecl - for nested struct/union/classes (inherits 
    ClassVar - for static data members (inherits VarDecl)

-I also moved the 'Decl' implementation to a separate 'DeclBase.cpp' file

The instance fields of CXXRecord are stored in the members array of 
RecordDecl, thus the data layout of CXXRecord is calculated through the 
All the other members (including the static fields), are ScopedDecls 
with the CXXRecord as declaration context, so they can be iterated 
through a general DeclContext member iterator (not implemented yet).
Name lookup for class members will be efficient through the use of the 

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