[cfe-dev] Message send to super

David Chisnall csdavec at swansea.ac.uk
Fri May 2 17:15:57 PDT 2008


It appears that, in generating the AST, the following expression:

[super msg];

is being translated to:

[(superclass*)self msg];

Running clang -ast-print confirms this.  These two expressions have  
completely different semantics in Objective-C, and since there appears  
to be no way of determining whether the user actually performed a cast  
on self (which is uncommon, but does happen in real code) or sent a  
message to super (which happens a lot more frequently).

Can anyone suggest a way of distinguishing these two?  If not, is it  
possible to introduce a separate kind of AST node, or a flag in the  
ObjCMessageExpr indicating if super is the receiver?  I have now  
written the code to produce the correct output for the GNU runtime  
with this kind of expression, but am currently unable to connect it to  


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