[cfe-dev] handle __attribute__((deprecated))

Nuno Lopes nunoplopes at sapo.pt
Sun Mar 2 10:05:25 PST 2008

> Please keep in 80 cols.

k, sorry. I simply don't have any editor that can simply draw a vertical 
line on the 80 cols..

> +  if (FD->getAttr<NothrowAttr>())
> +    ParamAttrsVec.push_back(
> +     llvm::ParamAttrsWithIndex::get(ParamAttrsVec.size(), 
> llvm::ParamAttr::NoUnwind));
> +  if (FD->getAttr<NoReturnAttr>())
> +    ParamAttrsVec.push_back(
> +     llvm::ParamAttrsWithIndex::get(ParamAttrsVec.size(), 
> llvm::ParamAttr::NoReturn));
> +
> More 80 col violations.  I think these attributes should always be 
> applied to "0", the function itself, so the first arg should be 0, not 
> ParamAttrsVec.size().  Try a function that is both noreturn and  nounwind.

Actually both failed when defining a function with noreturn and nothrow. 
They both throw a weird error on LLVM structures.. Do you mind checking 
this, please?

I've updated the patch to incorporate some of your feedback + simple 
handling of dllimport/dllexport and visibility.

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