[cfe-dev] GSL compiles pretty much

Kelly Wilson wilsonkk at shaw.ca
Sun Jun 29 01:01:12 PDT 2008

Hello everyone,


I just compiled most of the GNU Scientific Library with clang (not sure if
someone else has done this but I couldn't find a reference anywhere). I just
replaced CC=gcc with the utility script 'ccc' for configure and most
everything worked fine. There are some errors in landau.c (known clang error
in constants.c for the lexer) regarding constants but one can fix this by
removing leading zeros for a couple lines. I also hand modified the
Makefiles to get rid of the '-O2' flag and added the '-lm' linker flag (one
could also just pass this in via configure, I guess).


The library builds until the gsl-randist tool in the main directory is
building, then I get 'undefined reference to __builtin_nanf' all over the
place. I thought this was defined internally within LLVM? Any ideas?





P.S. I can't do a 'make check' until this nanf thing is fixed.



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