[cfe-dev] Function pointer variables

Ted Kremenek kremenek at apple.com
Sat Jun 28 15:38:35 PDT 2008

Hi Filipe,

Feel free to file a bugzilla report with your test case that blows  
up.  If you file a report, please make sure you include the exact  
command line you used to invoke clang, as well as the SVN revision  
number (if you have it).  If you manage to diagnose more what is going  
wrong you can add it as comments to the bugzilla report, or even  
submit a patch with a fix.  Putting it in bugzilla ensures that it  
will eventually get fixed.


On Jun 28, 2008, at 2:23 PM, Filipe Cabecinhas wrote:

> On 28 Jun, 2008, at 21:42, Bill Wendling wrote:
>> Are you running a "Debug" build? If so, then the assertions should
>> be on. You can also look at the source code to see where the message
>> is being output (each diagnostic has it's own enum name; look at
>> Diagnostics.def for them). You can then set a breakpoint at that
>> place in the debugger and see what's going on.
> Thanks, that's what I just did and I found it... Now to just try to
> understand clang's internals :-)
>   - Filipe Cabecinhas
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