[cfe-dev] parse C++ throw

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Mon Feb 25 13:45:34 PST 2008

> :-(  Apparently I'm not the only one.  Do you think the number of  
> people that miss set their physical tabs is larger than the number  
> of people that use emacs?  Why not punish the people with wrong/ 
> weird tabs settings over punishing people that use emacs?  After  
> all, we can merely educate people to use softtabstop and shiftwidth  
> appropriately.
> If not that...  could we add:
>  /* -*- indent-tabs-mode:nil; -*- */
> the tops of all the files or find some other way reduce the burden  
> for emacs users?
> Catering to people that think tabs in source files mean something  
> other than 8, is like catering to people that like 6 bit characters  
> or 60 bit words, I'd rather just laugh at them.  Burdening all  
> developers to `do something' doesn't strike me as friendly.

I don't know what emacs has to do with this discussion.  If you're  
confused about why tabs in source files is considered to be a bad  
thing by many (but not all!) people, there are extensive discussions  
of the topic available on the interweb.


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