[cfe-dev] Objective-C Code Generation

David Chisnall csdavec at swansea.ac.uk
Sun Feb 24 14:48:54 PST 2008

On 24 Feb 2008, at 19:31, Chris Lattner wrote:

>>>> I imagine the easiest way of getting this working is to
>>>> transform the Objective-C AST into a pure-C AST with calls to the
>>>> relevant runtime libraries.
>>> This is the way that GCC works, but I don't think it is really the
>>> best way.  I'd much rather have the clang codegen module directly
>>> produce the LLVM IR for the constructs it needs.  I don't anticipate
>>> that this will be a problem for metadata or other objc constructs.
>> I am not completely sure what would be gained by doing this.  Unlike
>> C+
>> +, every Objective-C construct maps cleanly to a C construct.
>> Objective-C objects are C structures, Objective-C message sends are C
>> function calls (and methods are just C functions with their pointers
>> added to the class structure), and so on.
> And all of them map onto LLVM IR :)

Yes, I see.  In a lot of cases, this will be equivalently easy and  
probably cleaner.  After poking the code a bit I can see one initial  
stumbling block.  Generating code for an Objective-C method involves  
two steps:

1) Emitting the function that implements the method.
2) Set up the class structure to point to it (modify the structure  
directly with the GNU runtime, via functions on the √Čtoil√© and Apple  

The second step is best done via some custom LLVM IR code for each  
runtime.  The first step ought to be able to reuse the code in  
CodeGenFunction::GenerateCode.  Looking at the ObjCMethodDecl class,  
it seems that this implements most of the methods used by the code  
generator, but since they do not have a common superclass specifying  
these functions the code can not easily be used.  Can anyone suggest a  
good way of factoring this out so it can be used in both places?  I  
notice a few TODO and FIXME comments there, so I am hesitant about  
just copying and pasting code that is going to be changed later.


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