[cfe-dev] Objective-C Code Generation

David Chisnall csdavec at swansea.ac.uk
Sat Feb 23 09:55:32 PST 2008


I'm interested in working on Objective-C code generation for the GNU  
and √Čtoil√© Objective-C runtimes (I've worked on the former and wrote  
the latter).  I imagine the easiest way of getting this working is to  
transform the Objective-C AST into a pure-C AST with calls to the  
relevant runtime libraries.

Presumably someone at Apple will want to add support for their runtime  
libraries as well at some point, so having a clean interface to allow  
easily switching between the three is going to be important (rather  
than the 10,000 lines of runtime-specific, unreadable, code in GCC).   
Are there any existing hooks for inserting this abstraction layer?  If  
so, can someone point me in the right direction, and if not can  
someone suggest a good place to put them?


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