[cfe-dev] Type::isIncompleteType()...

Steve Naroff snaroff at apple.com
Sun Feb 10 18:35:10 PST 2008


Do you think it makes sense for Type::isIncompleteType() to return  
true when the Tag definition is invalid?

For example...

   case Tagged:
      // A tagged type (struct/union/enum/class) is incomplete if the  
decl is a
      // forward declaration, but not a full definition (C99 6.2.5p22).
-    return !cast<TagType>(CanonicalType)->getDecl()->isDefinition();
+    TagDecl *TD = cast<TagType>(CanonicalType)->getDecl();
+    return !TD->isDefinition() || TD->isInvalidDecl();

Since this predicate is fairly low-level, I wanted to get some  


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