[cfe-dev] Patch: Make ccc generate native object files

Török Edwin edwintorok at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 00:22:33 PST 2008

Anders Carlsson wrote:
> Here's a patch that makes ccc generate native object files instead of
> bitcode files. This makes it work better with the native toolchains,
> which should make testing random apps easier. I'll commit this unless
> anyone has a good reason or finds any bugs in the code :)

Actually generating bitcode is very useful for me, and I'd like to keep
that possibility. Maybe there could be a flag to ccc to tell  it to
generate bitcode or native (and default to native)?

For example I can use 'ccc' to call 'llvm-gcc -O4' to generate bitcode
and 'llvm-ld -native' to do linking and LTO.
I am unable to do this without 'ccc', because my system linker doesn't
recognize the bitcode files generated by -O4.

With ccc it was simply a matter of replacing clang with 'llvm-gcc -O4 -c' ;)

Also I think keeping the possibility to generate bitcode is useful for
clang too, if we want LTO.


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