[cfe-dev] Newby questions

Hartmut Kaiser hartmut.kaiser at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 06:17:00 PDT 2007


> >> I think we should be reading the files in binary mode.
> >
> > Ok, this did the trick. If you tell me, how I detect 
> compilation on a 
> > windows platform in LLVM/clang style (i.e. which pp constant to
> > use) I'll
> > submit a patch.
> I'm behind and not following closely, did the patch to open 
> files in binary mode make it into the tree?

It's in the SVN. The only thing I'm not sure with is the condition it is
guarded by. Currently it's:

#if defined(_WIN32) || defined(_WIN64)
Windows specifics here

I just don't know, what's pp constant is usually used in Clang for this kind
of stuff. Please advise.

> > The errors I've seen were because of the problem above. Now 
> everything 
> > I checked (especially wrt macro expansion order and macro parameter
> > evaluation) looks ok. Good job! There aren't too much preprocessors 
> > around being able to get all the Wave test cases right (so far, 
> > actually besides Wave itself there was only 'gcc -E' doing it 
> > correctly).
> Nice!  We have a bunch of nasty testcases of our own in 
> clang/test/ Preprocessor if you're interested.

Ohh! Cool. Found a bug in wave using these :-P! May I include the
corresponding test to the Wave test suite in Boost?

Regards Hartmut

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