[cfe-dev] clang C++ volunteer

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Thu Sep 6 10:48:47 PDT 2007

> The C++ support is in an *extremely* early phase right now. There's
> only named operators, bool, parsing for C++ casts, and references in
> there right now. Some of the things to be done with the C++ casts and
> references are:
> 	- Do semantic analysis for reference initialization.
> 	- Do semantic analysis for casts.
> There's obviously a lot more to do. I would suggest taking small
> steps; learning the code base and its architecture by adding smaller
> features of the language. As far as a specific list of items, there
> isn't any official one. Though I'd start with the two I mentioned
> above (I have some code for the second of those, if you'd like to see
> it) and proceed from there.

I also added preliminary support for parsing namespace declarations  
as well.  Right now there is no semantic analysis or AST building  
happening for them (they are just parsed and ignored) but  
implementing this would be a great way to get familiar with sema and  
AST interfaces.  Once we can represent namespaces decls in the AST  
(and decls inside of them are properly nested) the next step would be  
to resolve x::y::z to the appropriate decl, then add support for using.

The nice thing about C++ is that it's such a huge language that there  
are a large variety of parallel tasks that can be tackled at the same  
time :)


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