[cfe-dev] usage of clang in an university project

Nuno Lopes nunoplopes at sapo.pt
Mon Oct 8 15:36:25 PDT 2007

> Nuno,
> Currently clang has support for building CFGs from ASTs, and there is  a 
> fairly generic dataflow solver in place for doing flow-sensitive  dataflow 
> analyses (both forward and backward).  Currently there is an 
> implementations of both live variable analysis and uninitialized  values 
> analysis built on this solver.  I won't attest that the  framework (or the 
> analyses built on it) is bug-free, nor that it is in  the final form it 
> eventually will be in, but it certainly implements  most of the 
> boilerplate for iterating over statements, merging  dataflow values, etc. 
> We of course would welcome feedback if you  decided to use this part of 
> clang, as the goal is to make that part of  clang very powerful but also 
> easy to use.
> I'm more than happy to provide support if you are interested in using 
> this part of clang.  I'm afraid that documentation is limited for this 
> part of clang, although I do plan on trying to remedy this problem (at 
> least partially) in the short term.
> Ted

Thank you. I'll certainly try to use the CFG framework.
I'll carefully read the Analysis directory files first and I'll get back to 
you if (well, when) I have some question.


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