[cfe-dev] clang leveraging Elsa?

Taras Glek taras.judge at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 1 13:00:10 PDT 2007

I just found out about clang from the LLVM 2.1 announcement. It's great
to see someone working on a C++ front-end with an emphasis on
source2source and static analysis. I've been writing tools for that
using the Elsa frontend for the past year.
Elsa is further along in development (fairly complete in that it can
parse most of the C/C++ code that gcc3.4 accepts). Have the clang
developers considered reusing parts of the elsa? I haven't noticed a
mention of elsa in the list archives.
Elsa comes with an extensive testsuite and has some design similarities
to clang as described in the clang Internals manual. It also differs in
that the preprocessor is not integrated. For precise source2source
transforms I worked with the MCPP author to produce a mode that
annotates macro expansions.
Would it make sense to refactor elsa to the clang design to speed up
clang development?

Elsa homepage: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~smcpeak/elkhound/sources/elsa/
Oink suite (cental elsa repository is within oink):
MCPP preprocessor: http://mcpp.sourceforge.net/
My development blog & some links to my oink fork:

I am very interested in clang since it will be a C/C++/ObjC frontend
that's suitable for source analysis that also serves as a frontend to a
production compiler.
My biggest gripe with Elsa is that isn't developed in a transparent
fashion. It  also occasionally has bugs that would be caught if it were
used as a frontend for a compiler.


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