[cfe-dev] C++0x flags/keywords

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Sun Jul 15 21:24:51 PDT 2007

On Jul 15, 2007, at 8:35 PM, Douglas Gregor wrote:

> The attached patch adds all of the various bits to introduce a C+ 
> +0x dialect into Clang, including the dialect option, C++0x  
> keywords, and command-line switches for the driver.

Thanks, applied!

> While adding keywords, I ran into this confusing bit:
> KEYWORD(_Complex                    , EXTC90)         // C99/C++
> _Complex isn't part of C++, so shouldn't this be marked EXTC99| 

You're right.  Interesting mistake, I've corrected it, thanks!

> When running "make test" in the clang directory, I get a lot of  
> output that includes several "FAILED!" indicators. Should I expect  
> the output of "make test" to be clean, with no errors?  Is there a  
> simple way to get a count of tests run/errors/etc. (aside from grep)?

You should only get a single failure, which is xfailed:

XFAILED 'Parser/expressions.c': // XFAIL: *
******************** TEST 'Parser/expressions.c' FAILED!  
clang -fsyntax-only Parser/expressions.c
Output/expressions.c.out.script: line 1: 10038 Bus  
error               clang -fsyntax-only Parser/expressions.c
******************** TEST 'Parser/expressions.c' FAILED!  

One "undocumented feature" of the test suite is that you have to add  
llvm/test/Scripts to your path for it to run correctly.  I will see  
if I can make this happen as a side effect of make test.  Thanks for  
pointing this out.


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