[cfe-dev] C++ TODOs

Bjørn Roald bjorn at 4roald.org
Fri Dec 21 13:00:24 PST 2007

Hi all,

I am new to the list and have been lurking a few days.  I am interested 
in clang mainly as a possible component for tools supporting the C++ 
language.  As I may spend some spare time on the C++ support I would 
like to know more about what it involves.  If there are any suggestions 
for small tasks (TODOs) that may give me  a good introduction to 
developing for clang, that would be nice.  Do you have some sort of 
roadmap for the C++ support that we plan to follow?  If not, is the best 
way forvard something like this:

1.  Find small basic C++ snipplets that work.
2. Add use of features as it is natural until something breaks. 
3. Ask on the list if the found use-case this is a good one to fix now.
4. Implement, test, and post patch to list for revew. (reject, rework, 
repost as required)
5. If not tired, move back to #1.

Bjørn Roald

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