[cfe-dev] stddef.h missing

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven asmodai at in-nomine.org
Sun Dec 16 22:36:46 PST 2007

-On [20071217 07:21], Zhongxing Xu (xuzhongxing at gmail.com) wrote:
>clang should provide its own stddef.h as gcc does. Where should this header go
>in the directory?

stddef.h lives in the main include directory, so if that's /usr/include it
would be /usr/include/stddef.h.

Do note that stddef.h implements a few platform-specific types. In general,
given a solid include directory resolving, this should not cause problems for
clang on most modern platforms.

If you cannot find stddef.h I'd wager your setup is broken. Did you make sure
to check the include resolving before compiling?

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