[cfe-dev] missing clang/AST/TargetBuiltins.h ?

Emmanuel Bastien ebastien at amadeus.com
Mon Dec 10 00:35:36 PST 2007

I am trying to build clang from a fresh SVN checkout today and I have the 
following error:

llvm[1]: Compiling CGBuiltin.cpp for Release build
CGBuiltin.cpp:20:38: error: clang/AST/TargetBuiltins.h: No such file or 
CGBuiltin.cpp: In member function 'llvm::Value* 
clang::CodeGen::CodeGenFunction::EmitX86BuiltinExpr(unsigned int, const 
CGBuiltin.cpp:203: error: 'X86' has not been declared
make[1]: *** 
Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory 
make: *** [all] Error 1

I cannot find any header named 'TargetBuiltins.h' in the clang source 
Best regards,
Emmanuel Bastien

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