[cfe-dev] regression with function pointers

Nuno Lopes nunoplopes at sapo.pt
Mon Dec 3 15:39:48 PST 2007

>>> There was some kind of regression in function pointers handling.
>>> Attached is a file that triggers an assert failure (when run with
>>> e.g. -ast-dump):
>>> Sorry for the big file, but I didn't have the time to strip it.
>> Here is a two line test case that exposes the bug (which appears
>> specific to -ast-print/-ast-dump)...
>> snaroff% cat nuno.c
>> typedef void func_typedef();
>> func_typedef xxx;
>> I'll investigate later. Thanks for the bug,
> Fixed,
> -Chris

Thank you Chris! However it seems my example file now triggers another  
I'm putting it on-line, as it seems to be a good case-study:  
http://web.ist.utl.pt/nuno.lopes/php_example.c :P
It fails with 'assert(isa<X>(Val) && "cast<Ty>() argument of  
incompatible type!"', triggered by FunctionDecl::getNumParams().


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