[cfe-dev] #ifndef not working

Patrick Flannery foster_flannery at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 12:50:57 PDT 2007

The following code will cause a segfault.  

 #include "/usr/lib/gcc/xb6_64-redhat-linux/4.1.1/include/stddef.h"

#ifndef offsetof
#define offsetof (TYPE, MEMBER) ((size_t) &((TYPE *)0)->MEMBER)

struct external_sun3_core
    size_t c_regs; 
struct internal_sunos_core
    size_t c_regs_pos; 
    size_t c_regs_size; 
static void swap(char * ext, struct internal_sunos_code *intcore)
    struct external_sun3_core * extcore = (struct external_sun3_core *) ext; 
    intcode->c_regs_pos = offsetof(struct external_sun3_core, c_regs);


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