[cfe-dev] Status? Help Needed?

Ar18 at comcast.net Ar18 at comcast.net
Fri Aug 17 22:35:00 PDT 2007

Chris gave me a link to this project about the work on the c++ frontend for llvm.

* I wonder if I could ask... what is the status of the c++ frontend?
* Also, what might be a general idea for when it might near a usable state (like less than 6 months, less than a year, less than 5 years, or)?
* At this point do you have any need for more programmers to help out in a specific area?  If so, what areas specifically?

Some other info...
I was first made aware of llvm on the Haiku OS forum; I was inquiring about a non-GPL compiler. :)  So far this seems to be one of the few, if not the only, project that actually seems like it might achieve that goal.  Although my main interest was the license, I'd also love to see something like this become a standard for the Haiku OS....  For these reasons, I have quite a bit of interest in seeing this project succeed.  Although, I obviously understand very little about this stuff (which can probably annoy you all) I still would like to offer to help if you ever were in need of someone to do something on a non-coding level.  I doubt you even want help in that area since it's preferable to only have people involved who understand the compiler, but I just thought I'd mention it anyways.


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