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Index: cfe/branches/release_70/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
--- cfe/branches/release_70/docs/ReleaseNotes.rst
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@@ -222,10 +222,31 @@
-OpenCL C Language Changes in Clang
+OpenCL C/C++ Language Changes in Clang
+Miscellaneous changes in OpenCL C:
+- Added ``cles_khr_int64`` extension.
+- Added bug fixes and simplifications to Clang blocks in OpenCL mode.
+- Added compiler flag ``-cl-uniform-work-group-size`` to allow extra compile time optimisation.
+- Propagate ``denorms-are-zero`` attribute to IR if ``-cl-denorms-are-zero`` is passed to the compiler.
+- Separated ``read_only`` and ``write_only`` pipe IR types.
+- Fixed address space for the ``__func__`` predefined macro.
+- Improved diagnostics of kernel argument types.
+Started OpenCL C++ support:
+- Added ``-std/-cl-std=c++``.
+- Added support for keywords.
 OpenMP Support in Clang

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