[PATCH] D51388: [analyzer] Legalize state manager factory injection.

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When a checker maintains a program state trait that isn't a simple list/set/map, but is a combination of multiple lists/sets/maps (eg., a multimap - which may be implemented as a map from something to set of something), `ProgramStateManager` only contains the factory for the trait itself. All auxiliary lists/sets/maps need a factory to be provided by the checker, which is annoying.

So far two checkers wanted a multimap, and both decided to trick the `ProgramStateManager` into keeping the auxiliary factory within itself by pretending that it's some sort of trait they're interested in, but then never using this trait but only using the factory.

I decided to make it legal because this functionality seems useful and i didn't want to dig deeply into the template magic around state traits when there's already a one-liner solution, though i agree that it should be possible to implement this in a more straightforward manner.

One thing that becomes apparent once all pieces are put together is that these two checkers are in fact //using the same factory//, because the type that identifies it, `ImmutableMap<const MemRegion *, ImmutableSet<SymbolRef>>`, is the same. This situation is different from two checkers registering similar traits.

I also moved stuff around a bit because it always bothered me.

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