[PATCH] D51385: [analyzer] InnerPointerChecker: Fix a segfault.

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Tue Aug 28 15:00:31 PDT 2018

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Return value of `dyn_cast_or_null` should be checked before use. Otherwise we may put a null pointer into the map as a key and eventually crash in `checkDeadSymbols`.

Reka: Why did we restrict ourselves to `TypedValueRegion`s here? While we are mostly interested in local string variables and temporaries, which would of course be typed, i guess there's nothing that prevents us from checking that we don't `delete` or mutate a string in a `SymbolicRegion` somewhere between obtaining and using its inner pointer.

  rC Clang



Index: test/Analysis/inner-pointer.cpp
--- test/Analysis/inner-pointer.cpp
+++ test/Analysis/inner-pointer.cpp
@@ -424,3 +424,7 @@
   *(void **)&b = c() + 1;
   *b = a; // no-crash
+void checkReference(std::string &s) {
+  const char *c = s.c_str();
Index: lib/StaticAnalyzer/Checkers/InnerPointerChecker.cpp
--- lib/StaticAnalyzer/Checkers/InnerPointerChecker.cpp
+++ lib/StaticAnalyzer/Checkers/InnerPointerChecker.cpp
@@ -213,6 +213,8 @@
   if (const auto *ICall = dyn_cast<CXXInstanceCall>(&Call)) {
     const auto *ObjRegion = dyn_cast_or_null<TypedValueRegion>(
+    if (!ObjRegion)
+      return;
     if (Call.isCalled(CStrFn) || Call.isCalled(DataFn)) {
       SVal RawPtr = Call.getReturnValue();

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