[PATCH] D51352: [clangd] Switch to Dex by default for the static index

Kirill Bobyrev via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Aug 28 06:19:13 PDT 2018

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Dex is now mature enough to be used as the default static index. This patch performs the switch but introduces a hidden flag to allow users fallback to Mem in case something happens.



Index: clang-tools-extra/clangd/tool/ClangdMain.cpp
--- clang-tools-extra/clangd/tool/ClangdMain.cpp
+++ clang-tools-extra/clangd/tool/ClangdMain.cpp
@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@
 using namespace clang::clangd;
 static llvm::cl::opt<bool>
-    UseDex("use-dex-index",
-           llvm::cl::desc("Use experimental Dex static index."),
+    UseMem("use-mem",
+           llvm::cl::desc("Use Mem for static index."),
            llvm::cl::init(false), llvm::cl::Hidden);
 namespace {
@@ -52,8 +52,8 @@
   for (auto Sym : Slab)
-  return UseDex ? dex::DexIndex::build(std::move(SymsBuilder).build())
-                : MemIndex::build(std::move(SymsBuilder).build());
+  return UseMem ? MemIndex::build(std::move(SymsBuilder).build())
+                : dex::DexIndex::build(std::move(SymsBuilder).build());
 } // namespace

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