[PATCH] D50218: [OpenMP] Encode offload target triples into comdat key for offload initialization code

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Thu Aug 2 20:16:27 PDT 2018

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Encoding offload target triples onto comdat group key for offload initialization code guarantees that it will be executed once per each unique combination of offload targets.

  rC Clang



Index: lib/CodeGen/CGOpenMPRuntime.cpp
--- lib/CodeGen/CGOpenMPRuntime.cpp
+++ lib/CodeGen/CGOpenMPRuntime.cpp
@@ -3818,7 +3818,17 @@
     const auto &FI = CGM.getTypes().arrangeNullaryFunction();
     llvm::FunctionType *FTy = CGM.getTypes().GetFunctionType(FI);
-    std::string Descriptor = getName({"omp_offloading", "descriptor_reg"});
+    // Encode offload target triples into the registration function name. It
+    // will serve as a comdat key for the registration/unregistration code for
+    // this particular combination of offloading targets.
+    SmallVector<StringRef, 4U> RegFnNameParts;
+    RegFnNameParts.push_back("omp_offloading");
+    RegFnNameParts.push_back("descriptor_reg");
+    for (const auto &Device : Devices)
+      RegFnNameParts.push_back(Device.getTriple());
+    std::sort(RegFnNameParts.begin() + 2, RegFnNameParts.end());
+    std::string Descriptor = getName(RegFnNameParts);
     RegFn = CGM.CreateGlobalInitOrDestructFunction(FTy, Descriptor, FI);
     CGF.StartFunction(GlobalDecl(), C.VoidTy, RegFn, FI, FunctionArgList());
     CGF.EmitRuntimeCall(createRuntimeFunction(OMPRTL__tgt_register_lib), Desc);

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