[PATCH] D49148: [DEBUGINFO] Disable unsupported debug info options for NVPTX target.

Artem Belevich via Phabricator via cfe-commits cfe-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Aug 1 14:37:15 PDT 2018

tra added a comment.

I wonder, what's the right thing to do to silence the warnings. For instance, we compile everything with -Werror and the warnings result in build breaks.

Easy way out is to pass `-Wno-unsupported-target-opt`.  It works, but it does not really solve anything. It also may mask potential other problems.

Another alternative is to change clang driver and filter out unsupported options so they are not passed to cc1. That will also work, but it looks wrong, because now we have two patches that effectively cancel each other for no observable benefit.

Third option is to grow a better way to specify target-specific sub-compilation options and then consider fancy debug flags to be attributable to host compilation only. Anything beyond the "safe" subset, would have to be specified explicitly.  This also sounds awkward -- I don't really want to replicate bunch of options times number of GPUs I'm compiling for. That may be alleviated by providing more coarse way to group options. E.g. we could say "these are the options for *all* non-host compilations, and here are few specifically for sm_XY". I think @echristo and I had discussed something like this long time ago.

Any other ideas?

  rC Clang


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