[PATCH] D48958: [clang][ubsan] Implicit Cast Sanitizer - integer truncation - clang part

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Mon Jul 30 11:59:45 PDT 2018

lebedev.ri added inline comments.

Comment at: docs/UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer.rst:136-137
+     overflow happens (signed or unsigned).
+     Both of these two issues are handled by ``-fsanitize=implicit-conversion``
+     group of checks.
   -  ``-fsanitize=unreachable``: If control flow reaches an unreachable
rsmith wrote:
> I don't think that's true (not until you add a sanitizer for signed <-> unsigned conversions that change the value). `4U / -2` produces the unexpected result `0U` rather than the mathematically-correct result `-2`, and `-fsanitize=implicit-conversion` doesn't catch it. Maybe just strike this sentence for now?
> In fact... I think this is too much text to be adding to this bulleted list, which is just supposed to summarize the available checks. Maybe replace the description with
>     Signed integer overflow, where the result of a signed integer computation cannot be represented in its type. This includes all the checks covered by ``-ftrapv``, as well as checks for signed division overflow (``INT_MIN/-1``), but not checks for lossy implicit conversions performed before the computation (see ``-fsanitize=implicit-conversion``).
I will assume you meant "lossy implicit conversions performed *after* the computation".

  rC Clang


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